Solar Cylinders

Ecologics 300L cylinder

Solar Cylinders

Solar installations use a solar cylinder. This usually has two coils – a high surface area coil in the bottom of the cylinder which is connected to the solar panel, and a regular heating coil in the middle of the cylinder which is connected to the central heating system.

The solar coil heats the entire cylinder, while the central heating coil usually only heats the top 120 to 150L. If you have a solid fuel stove or back boiler as well as gas or oil and solar we can supply you with Triple coil cylinders which will allow you to use all three sources of heat to heat the cylinder.

Copper and Stainless Steel Solar cylinders

There are two main types of cylinder in use in Ireland, Copper and Stainless Steel. Copper cylinders are generally cheaper and are designed for vented plumbing systems (with a header tank in attic feeding the cylinder) such as is common in many Irish homes. Stainless Steel cylinders are more expensive but are far more durable asnd long lasting than copper. If you have a pressurised plumbing system in your home then you will require a cylinder that is designed to take that pressure and these are most commonly Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel cylinders are also used in areas where water is of an acidic nature and tends to corrode copper cylinders.

Pictured here is a cut out of an Ecologics stainless steel solar cylinder. We also offer open vented copper solar cylinders (see price list), See here for more information on our range of
Stainless Steel Solar Cylinders

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